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Lumitester PD30
For ATP and AMP measurements

Reliable monitoring of liquids, dry and moist surfaces.
1. Very simple and safe to operate
2. Patented simultaneous measurement of AMP and ATP for increased sensitivity
3. Patented and detergent-tolerant luciferase for validated results
4. Patented cycle technology increases the luminescence stability and extends
the signal
5. The world's lightest and smallest device
6. Extremely fast and accurate measuring method

Accessories to be used with Lumitester PD30
LuciPacPen/  LuciPacPen AQUA / LuciPacPen LS (Long Swab)
LuciPac Pen:For dry and moist surfaces
LuciPac Pen  AQUA: For liquids and water
LuciPac Pen  LS: For endoscopes and hard-to-access locations

• Heat-sealed and unbreakable swab
• Swabs can be removed individually from resealable packaging
• Detergent-tolerant enzymes – low inhibition from detergent residues
•  High stability of swab at room temperature
• Greatest sensitivity due to patented simultaneous measurement of AMP and ATP
•  Shelf life: 15 months at 2 – 8°C; 14 days at 25°C; 5 days at 30°C. The product has a shelf life of up to 30 days at temperatures of 20°C or less.
  If the swabs are cooled again, the labelled shelf life of 15 months then reapplies

Lumitester C-110
For ATP and microbial biomass measurements

Lumitester C-110 is a small, lightweight and precision instrument for ATP measurement.
Using special reagents "CheckLite" series, this instrument helps to streamline and
speed up hygenic control rangingwidely from hygiene monitoring to microbial detection.
Its performance is adequate to use as the luminometer for biochemical research.
Besides adjustable measurement time, it is comparable in sensitivity and dynamic range
to the expensive bench-top luminometers.

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Accessories to be used with Lumitester C-110

CheckLite -

For ATP measurements
250 (Product code: 61304)
250 Plus (Product code: 61305)

ATP Eliminating Enzyme -
Microbial biomass assay(Product code: 61306)
High sensitive microbial biomass assayHS Set (Productcode: 61310)

Aceptic test for aceptic packed food products and beverages  
AT100/Milk (Productcode: 61312)

Coliform test
CT150  (Product code: 61328)
EC Blue MPN Device
ECBlue on yksinkertainen, nopea ja luotettava testi koliformien ja E.colin kvalitatiiviseen ja kvantativviseen määrittämiseen vedestä.

1 x 18 määritystä (1001020)
Kiinteän läpötilan inkubaattori 35 +/- 2°C. Integroitu helposti luettava lämpömittari.
Kapasitetti n. 60 pinottua Food Stamp- tai 50 Compact Dry-maljaa. Hyllyt tilattava erikseen.

Lumitester C-110
Mikrobeille ja soluille. (61911)

Lumitester PD 30
Hygieniamonitorointiin käyttäen ATP-AMP-mittausta (1402653)
Lumitester PD 30 +10 x Lucipac A3 Surface
100 puikkoa/pakkaus ( 20 x 5 kpl) (1802655)
Lumitester PD 30 +10 x Lucipac A3 Water
100 puikkoa/pakkaus ( 20 x 5 kpl) (1802656)
Lumitester PD 30 +10 x Lucipac Pen-AQUA
100 puikkoa/pakkaus ( 20 x 5 kpl) (1402656)
Lumitester PD 30 +10 x Lucipac Pen
100 puikkoa/pakkaus ( 20 x 5 kpl) (1402655)
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